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Step By Step To Finding The Ideal Equipment And Financing For Your Company Needs

BSG Has Helped Hundreds Of Customers Around The US

BSG's Exclusive Dealer Selector Report Example (click on to view)

Step 1. Call BSG and ask for dealers and manufacturers for your area.

The BSG representative will ask you questions regarding your application and prepare a no charge list of dealers and manufacturers specific to your request. You'll be given the entire list of ranked and rated dealers in your area that have been rated by other previous customer.

This list will also tell you:

  • The company's current grade in various categories such as cost, support, warranty, quality, delivery, communications along with any previous complaints.
  • Top benefits they have to offer 
  • How to contact them
  • Their general location in relationship to your office
  • If they offer any BSG locator- buyers group discounts
  • General customer comments, both good and bad from previous customers

Step 2.  The BSG representative will then ask you if would like for us to investigate availability and general pricing or you do you want to call them.

Step 3. Upon request, the BSG representative will determine specific types of products and services they perform, hours of operation, how long they've been in business, payment terms and conditions, value added or special services they provide, such as free delivery within a hundred mile radius.

Step 4. The next part is what makes our service a major benefit in acquisition of your commercial equipment. From the company's profile, you can read about other people's real-life experience with the company, report by report.

Everything is included in the company profile report from previous customers. You'll may even read if the sales representatives was really interested in you and your situation or just wanted to make a quick sale.

Step 5.  Armed with this invaluable information, you are ready to start calling for estimates to decide on which dealer you will ultimately buy from.

Step 6. Arrange for your financing through your preferred financing source, your dealers recommendation or BSG. This decision depends on who offers the best program to meets and credit rating. BSG's advantage is that we can arrange for financing, even when other banking sources will not, including start-ups.